How long are the classes?

The classes are 30-45 minutes long depending on the course material to be covered. 

What time zones are covered?

Classes will cater to all US time zones- EDT, CDT, MDT, PDT

What is the class start time?

All classes start at the top of the hour.  Classes run from 4PM EST to 10PM EST 

how are the classes streamed?

The classes are streamed via Zoom conferencing. Students can access zoom on their desktop or on a mobile device. Zoom can also be accessed o na  streaming player and viewed on your TV but the interactivity is limited.

What is a drop-in class?

  • Every class is unique.
  • Class content is completed in the same session
  • Student’s can join the class at any time during the semester

What is a Progressive class?

  • The class content is structured per semester on a progressive basis.
  • There is a pre-defined learning goal that must be completed at the end of the semester.
  • Students must attend all classes to meet the learning goal.

are the classes drop-in or progressive?

We offer a good mix of Drop-in and progressive based on skill level.

how do I provide feedback on a class?

Every class page has a comment form and a feedback scale of 1-5. We take your feedback seriously and use it to improve the quality of our content.

can my child attend a class not labeled for her age group?

Sure can. The age groups listed on classes are just recommendations, not binding. Your child can attend any class.

How many kids per class?

The absolute max on all classes is 15. But usually our classes have 8-10 kids.

is class booking required?

Class bookings are required but not forced. Bookings help us plan our classes and the capacity. It also allows the instructors to modify lesson plans. Equally important is to cancel your booking if you do not plan to attend as that will free up your spot for another member.

are there class cancellations?

We have strict guidlines in place for instructors to honor class times and only allow cancellations for emergencies or with at least a 48 hour notice. And so we do request that our parent community allow us the occasional cancellation. If a class does get cancelled, you will be prompty notified, often within minutes of an instructor expressing the inability to conduct a class.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We would hate to see you go but yes, you can cancel at any time. Please go to your Account page and click on the Cancel option. You will have access to the platform till the end of that billing cycle, after which your subscription will be cancelled.

does the subscription auto-renew?

Yes, all plans automatically renew at price you signed you for and using the payment method you provide. You can update payment method or cancel your plan at any time on your Member account page.

How do I contact you?

We have a contact form for all website visitors and once you are a member, we offer a ticketing system to provide our members priority support. Please look for the Member Support link at the bottom of each page.

I have 2 kids, can they both attend?

Sure can! Our memberships are for the whole family to enjoy and benefit from.

how do i attend a class?

First look for the class you’d like to attend on the calendar. Once you find a class, click on the link to go to the class page. On the class page, you will see  a “Link To Class”. Click on that page and you will be redirected to zoom and you will be able to attend the class when it is time.

are classes recorded?

Yes, all classes are recorded for archival purposes. But only the speaker and screen view is recorded. The attendee grid or anything related to the attendees is not recorded.

do how far into the future can i book?

We usually limit booking to the current semester. 

how is your pricing so low?

Simple answer is scale and because we keep our overhead costs low. We pass all of those savings to our members through our unbelievably low prices.

If no kids show up, is the class cancelled?

Yes, our instructors stay online for the first 10 minutes. If no students attend, the class is considered cancelled.

how come you dont teach math?

WhizkidMe doesn’t replace school curriculum. It is also not a tutoring service. Academic topics like Math or STEM require a different kind of rigor and structure that is better served by a specialty program. We do plan to add an academic product that includes Math and STEM in the future. 

I have a groupon, where do I enter it?

Just enter your Groupon voucher code in the discount code field during checkout and it will delay the start of the subscription by the number of days you purchased.

What subscription plan options do you have?

We offer an yearly as well as a monthly option. Our year plan is discounted more than the monthly option, but you can choose whichever works best for you.

Which holidays are observed?

  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Day after thanksgiving
  • Christmas Holiday Week (Entire last week of December)

How are the semesters structured?

Fall Semester  runs during the months of September, October, November

Winter  Semester runs during the months of December, January, February

Spring  Semester  runs during the months of March, April, May

Summer  Semester runs during the months  of June, July, August