Kids Startup WhizkidMe Aims to Become the Netflix of Activity Classes

  • WhizkidMe will offer a monthly subscription service for kids’ activity classes.

  • Class options include Acting, Musical Theater, Magic, Hip Hop, Ballet, Yoga, Hula Hoop, Art, Crafts, Public Speaking and Chess.

  • All classes included at one low monthly subscription price of $17.99.


New York, October 25, 2021 – Pandemic or not, keeping kids productively occupied after school is a challenge no parent is unfamiliar with. From the time a child comes home from school till she goes to bed is often a blank slate wasted on watching TV or playing video games. Parents are invariably out of options that can keep their kids busy. And for kids who do attend activity classes, parents spend the better part of their afternoon and evening shuttling from one activity to another just so that their kids can learn a skill that is not taught in school.

WhizkidMe, a new kids activities startup is trying to disrupt the afterschool enrichment experience by providing engaging learning opportunities that will keep kids coming back for more. The live streaming content will make it easy for kids to attend any number of classes from the comfort of home for one low monthly subscription fee, not unlike Netflix. Class options range from acting to dance to fitness and most activities in between aimed at the age group of four to fourteen.

Currently, as the only subscription-based online kids classes platform, WhizkidMe will offer members unlimited access for one low monthly fee of $39.99. For a limited time, founding members can sign up for membership at the discounted price of $17.99 per month using coupon code FOUNDER during checkout. To put that into perspective, just one class with at a local dance studio can set a parent back as much as $25. Other individually priced and offered classes don’t come cheap.

A typical child enrichment class can cost anywhere from $15 for an online class to up to $30 for an in-person class. If a child attends just a few of every week, parents can expect to shell out upwards of $300 a month.

“Learning doesn’t have to end when the school bell rings. Kids need opportunities to soak in experiences outside of school as well. A skill they pick up could someday become a career. And to be in a position of having to choose, just because a class is too expensive or too far from home is just not what parents want,” said Ekta Ahuja, Co-founder, WhizkidMe.

“We want to democratize access to afterschool enrichment, we want kids to have options to choose from, let them attend any class and when they have identified what they like, our on-staff instructors will hold their hand as they progress through the different stages of learning. WhizkidMe is fundamentally changing the way kids’ enrichment classes are delivered and consumed.”

“Every other platform in this space is a marketplace. Anyone can become a teacher and offer a class and pay a commission to be on that platform. Each class is priced separately and is usually, limited to an eight-week session. The platform has no control on the quality. We came at it from a different perspective. We built a framework that ensures consistency, and we hired our own instructors so that we have a razor-sharp focus on quality in every class we offer,” added Ahuja.

The new live streaming service will offer eighty plus sessions every month to choose from. Kids can choose to attend any of the classes offered. Classes include Acting, Musical Theater, Magic, Hip Hop, Ballet, Yoga, Hula Hoop, Art, Crafts, Public Speaking and Chess. The company plans to add new topics every month.

All the classes run for 45 to 50 minutes and are offered on all weekday afternoons. Most classes offered at this time are drop-in’s and offered in a semester format that runs in the summer, fall, winter and spring months. Each session covers a different topic so that kids can continue to evolve their understanding of the content covered. The company plans to launch a progressive classes add-on for advanced levels in the future.

The plethora of options offered will surely be a boon for parents looking to keep their kids occupied not only after school but also during the summer months when kids are off from school and the winter months when outside activities are at a bare minimum.


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